Monday, July 28, 2008

Apparently not so Cuil after all...

One of the top stories on Google News this morning was a new search engine called Cuil (pronounced "cool") that is supposed to have a larger search index than Google. Although the search results come out in a pretty Web 2.0 looking layout, I will probably still opt for scrolling down a list of search results. I also found a few other things that raised a few eyebrows.

Broken Contact Us Link - One thing that kind of surprised me was the fact that the Contact Us page resulted in an "Oop! We couldn't find that page." error. I recently saw the same thing on a web page of a company I was being interviewed. Of all the page links that could be broken, you'd think that this one would be pretty important.

No Address Recognition - I also tried typing in my current address, but the search engine simply hung for a few minutes after finally displaying a message that it couldn't find any results.

No Detailed Preferences - The preferences are simply Safe Search (on / off) or Typing Suggestions (on /off). I'd like to see more choices than this.



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